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Island Vulnerability

Ostrova Bulgaria's Flag

Island Vulnerability explores the challenges which isolated geographies face when dealing with risk and disasters by examining the processes which create, maintain, and could be used to reduce their vulnerability. This page provides photos from Ostrova (Острова), Bulgaria also referred to as the Ostrova Industrial Zone of Varna (Варна).

Close-up of a fence along the bridge reaching the island.

(Copyright Ilan Kelman 2019.)

Boats and shacks along the shoreline.

Living spaces.
(Copyright Ilan Kelman 2019.)

Looking into an abandoned and collapsing dwelling.

Old dwelling.
(Copyright Ilan Kelman 2019.)

Close-up of a derelict watch tower.

Derelict watch tower.
(Copyright Ilan Kelman 2019.)

A lamp post falling over.

Old lamp post.
(Copyright Ilan Kelman 2019.)

A line of fishers on the bridge to the island.

(Copyright Ilan Kelman 2019.)

View down the road and underneath the main bridge going over the island.

Road through and bridge over.
(Copyright Ilan Kelman 2019.)

Wires hanging underneath the main bridge going over the island.

(Copyright Ilan Kelman 2019.)

Looking along the bridge which goes over the island.

Bridge over the island.
(Copyright Ilan Kelman 2019.)

The bridge over the island at sunrise.

Bridge at sunrise.
(Copyright Ilan Kelman 2019.)

Rusted sign about the railway crossing.

Railway ahead.
(Copyright Ilan Kelman 2019.)

Looking along the old railway tracks.

(Copyright Ilan Kelman 2019.)

Looking into an old military zone.

Military zone.
(Copyright Ilan Kelman 2019.)

A tire lying in the water at the shoreline.

(Copyright Ilan Kelman 2019.)

A remnant of an old dock sitting in the water.

Artificial island of the island.
(Copyright Ilan Kelman 2019.)

View across the river to the far shoreline.

View off the island.
(Copyright Ilan Kelman 2019.)

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