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Island Vulnerability

Madeira Madeira's Flag

Island Vulnerability explores the challenges which isolated geographies face when dealing with risk and disasters by examining the processes which create, maintain, and could be used to reduce their vulnerability. This page provides photos of Funchal, Madeira, all copyright Ilan Kelman (2015).

Flood channel in Funchal.

Managing hazard: Flood channel.

Flood channel in Funchal flowing out to sea.

Managing hazard: Flood channel.

Bridge over one of the flood channels.

Bridge over one of the flood channels.

View of a fort by the sea.

Managing the hazard of enemy attacks: Fort by the sea.

Shingle beach of Funchal.

Managing hazard: Shingle beach.

Tetrapods along the Funchal coast.

Managing hazard: Coastal engineering.

The sun's rays breaking through the cloud.

Hazard: The sun's radiation.

A canvas awning across a restaurant.

Managing hazard: Protection from the sun's radiation.

Two people sunbathing on a hotel patio.

Managing risk: Vitamin D deficiency versus skin cancer.

The cover of a play script titled 1755.

Remembering hazard, vulnerability, and disaster: 1755.

Managing hazard: Bridge support connected to the bridge's overpass.

Managing hazard: Bridge engineering.

Bridge cutting through Funchal.

Bridge going through Funchal.

A dilapidated fire escape on an apparently abandoned building.

Managing risk: A fire escape, now disused.

Funchal at night.

Funchal at night.

Gate and driveway in Funchal.

Gate and driveway in Funchal.

Terraced houses along a Funchal street.

Houses of Funchal.

View of Funchal.


Close up of a roof's awning.

Roof of Funchal.

A damaged roof, with tiles missing.

Damaged roof.

Street at night.

Night view.

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